Ok so I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, and I thought I should break that silence and make this public. (Hey other people are posting art PSA’s, this ain’t new)

We are Artists, We are many

Being a artist on Tumblr alone isnt easy. There are millions of other people  doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Amongst all of them you can be overlooked so easily. Now I am familiar with all those PSAs about not worrying about being popular and loving your own art. Thats all well and good, no ones debating that. But we artist want to share our art with the world. We want to show everyone what we can do.

The Wall

When we receive praise and love for our work, thats the best feeling in the world for us. We all have friends, fellow artists or not, that support us. But here on Tumblr, your art might not get pushed out into the crowd. For myself as an example, I get a 1 reblog for every 10 likes on something. And this is only including when I originally post it. When art post is liked, no one else sees it. Likes stay hidden and don’t appear on others dashes. (And yes, some blog themes do show likes, this I am aware)

Likes are good, but Reblogs do a lot more

When someone reblogs your art, a whole new set of people get to see it. Most of them are people who have never seen your stuff before. For example, whenever Carbines Official WIldstar Tumblr reblogs my Wildstar art, I get bombarded with likes, reblogs even follows! But before that, when I post it in the first place, not much happens. Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful I get anything, but feedback and notoriety is what keeps an artist like me going, and many others as well. Now I may understand that sometimes something someone draws isn’t your cup of tea, that’s alright! But even if you show a little interest, a reblog does a world of difference.

Support your friends, Support those who care

I know this is all sounding a little preachy, but it’s something I needed to get off my chest. There are no complaints, there are no orders, just a call out from all us artists. From the big and professional, to the small and unseen. We all want to share our art with the world, and it can all begin with a reblog.

( I dont think I need to say that everyone should reblog this, it goes without saying no?)

reblogging for  awareness

fun fact: a lot of the art I reblog goes to my inspiration blog. Nothing but art there! So follow that too for pretty things~

reblog if you’re non-binary, pretty, and afraid of adult responsibilities


this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.


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Do not reupload


Stop calling what’s happening in Ferguson a “riot”.

It is not a riot.

Vancouver losing the Stanley Cup a few years ago was a riot. It was angry, drunken destruction with no purpose. (And as a Canadian, it was a shameful event)

Ferguson is not a riot. It is a protest. It is an uprising. It is a civil rights revolution. The prople of Ferguson may be angry, but they have a reason to be angry, and they are not violent, and they are not hooligans, thugs or looters. They are protesting for their human rights which are currently being denied.

Look at the difference between a riot and a protest. A riot is chaos. A protest has a purpose.

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IMG_0686.jpg (by Mark Dumont)


Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.




CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“



Seriously, what the police are doing is not “bad”, it’s illegal.

There is a reason why people are raging mad at this situation, and it’s because it’s a blatant violation of basic human rights.

If you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem.


Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

Ferguson from my TL- August 18th (1/3)
Violent Sadist in our midst


All SBs, especially tumblr SBs BEWARE!!!

This man runs an SD blog where he pretends to be the sweetest, most respectful, generous SD there is. He is everything but. He used to be sugar daddyforreal but has recently deleted that blog and started another after violently assaulting me and leaving me with horrible injuries for which I had to seek medical attention.

His name is MARK FRIED.

He is the president of TFG Wealth Management.

His cell is (215) 915-9697. His new GV is (267) 573-9292

His old kik was Green Bear

He lives in Pa but has offices in Pa and south NJ.

I know where his kids work and play but I’ll leave that alone for now.

He presents himself as the classic SD any girl would want…all about respect, even claim he wants absolutely no form of intimacy the first 3 dates and claims to give $500 for the first few dates. But once you start speaking to him there are red flags. He asks you about your vagina, if you like threesomes, if you are submissive… The general questions salts ask of girls they have never met. The difference is, like the emotionally manipulative man he is, he apologizes very “sincerely” after until the cycle repeats itself.

Anyway I met him for the first lunch date. It went fine and he gave $500 as promised. The second date was supposed to be dinner. He said since it’s late and I don’t live in the same state, I should get a hotel that he would cover but reinforced that nothing physical would happen. He just wants me to feel comfortable and not drive at night especially if I have a glass of wine. I got the hotel and made my way down there after lots of clarification that he will not go up to my room and nothing physical would happen.

Long story short we never made it to dinner because his “meetings ran late” and he did make it to my room “just to say goodnight and give [me] the card.” Card is code for the money for the date and the room.

Skeptically I let him up. Trying to keep my guard up the whole time. Before I knew it he had me in some sort of wresting pretzel hold where I couldn’t move and he was slapping me on the face, choking me, striking all the areas where a bruise would be covered by clothing. I screamed and begged him to stop, tears rolling down my face but he wouldn’t. He refused. It was clear he took pleasure in my pain and struggle. For the most part in the beginning he wasn’t trying anything sexual just hurting me was getting him off enough.

I was in so much pain and my struggle was futile. After a while I just hung there limp.

Then he tried fingering me. I got the fire back and started fighting him again. Delusionally, he said he wanted to give me some pleasure for all the pain he caused. No. I struggled but he eventually overpowered me. He then forced his penis down my throat and forced oral sex.

He threw $700 on the table and left.

I was so confused. I didn’t want to feel like a victim. I tried to rationalize that it was somehow mutual, that if I spoke with him and talked through it I would understand his perspective. I was a mess. I tried to cover up the bruises on my face with make up but once I went into work (I work in a hospital) they saw and asked me to do imaging to make sure there was no internal damage. I was a total mess.

The story goes on but I’ll leave it here.

If Mark Fried contacts you, no matter how “nice” he seems, please stay away. He has made comments to me that indicate he has done this many times over and he’s “sorry” he can’t control his “impulses”. DO NOT FALL FOR HIS NICE GUY OR RESPECTFUL DOM ACT. HE’S A MONSTER!!!




TUESDAY 8/19: Ferguson PD presented a table full of fabricated evidence at this morning’s press conference - allegedly seized from protestors and stopped cars. The Colt 45 Molotov with a white bandana was the crowning glory, turns out you can’t even buy glass 40’s in Missouri. Stay classy, FPD

I seriously think white supremacist are coming in the area to frame the protesters, but it could just be the cops

Nah I think that’s exactly what’s going on.


The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called lesser panda and red cat-bear, is a small mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China